Wenger: ‘Premier League is More Competitive Than Ever’

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger wants his side to maintain their place at top of the Premier League table, as he feels premier league is more competitive than ever before.

The Gunners are ready to take on Cardiff City on Saturday afternoon, keeping in mind to gain four-point lead and Wenger believes after this weekend, the league table will play a crucial role for the remaining games of the season.

Wenger told Arsenal official website (www.arsenal.com),

“In the Premier League at the moment, it looks to be difficult to win everywhere.”

“The difference in quality between first and 20th has shrunk. So it all will be down to consistency – as I’ve said many times.

“We have played 12 games. We play game number 13 on Saturday so we’ll be one third of the way through the season.

“After that we’ll have the first look at the forces present in there. It means you can go to the first conclusions [about] how this Premier League will be.”

The Frenchman also warned his side to be prepared for a challenging encounter against Cardiff, who earned a 2-2 draw against Man United, last Sunday.

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