FA responsible for lack of English talent in Premier League

The FA wants English talent in the Barclays Premier League.

The Premier League founded in 20 February 1992 and England Team didn’t win the FIFA World Cup since 1966.

Well, everyone knows that if there is an English player who is better in his position that he plays than any foreigner player and the one would get more chance for being in the lineup for his side. In England, English person is always favored.

As most of the English clubs has a foreign boss, mangers and owner. That is completely fair enough. But I do not believe there would be any owner or manager who would think of the nationality during the selection of the starting lineup. So if the English talent is not good then he will not play. If he is better the he will play, as simple as that.

If I would be the manager then I would prefer the player’s overall quality when it comes to selection criteria. So the question is why there is a lack of English talent? We should know from the development centers, football clubs, and training schools.

I think, The FA is responsible for not able to produce quality football coaches in England and they should stop blaming Premier League. Most of the coaches don’t know that how to train children in the successful way as they do in other euro countries like Spain, Netherlands and Germany. FA officials should provide better coaches at these centers.

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