Emirates Cup 2015 lineup confirmed

Olympique Lyonnais, Villarreal, Wolfsburg and obviously Arsenal will be featuring in the latest edition of the Emirates Cup 2015 which is to be played at the Emirates Stadium in north London next month.

The annual pre-season tournament will be kicked off with Wolfsburg vs Villarreal and Arsenal vs Lyon on Saturday, July 25.

Lyon vs Villarreal and Arsenal vs Wolfsburg conclude the Emirates Cup on the next day.

Each team will be awarded with three points for a win and one point for a draw.

The Premier League club are confident to win the Emirates Cup for the fourth time in 8 years.

Saturday, July 25th
9:00 AM (EST) – Wolfsburg v. Villarreal
11:20 AM (EST) – Arsenal v. Lyon

Sunday, July 26th
9:00 AM (EST) – Lyon v. Villarreal
11:20 AM (EST) – Arsenal v. Wolfsburg

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